SUNNI (for poet, healer Sunni Patterson)

You stand


Feet planted


Bald head

Balled fists

Balls of fire

As eyes

You tilt your head

Pendulous earrings

Hanging from your lobes

Like love

Your lips drip

Drops of life


Trickle down

Ravaged throats

To harrowed hearts

Clearing clots

From atrium

To ventricle.

You raise rants to

Cauterize collective wounds

Stitch flayed flesh

Back into place

Reconnect ligaments ripped

From broken bones

Stretch shorn skin

Back over carcasses

Breath life back

Into the bodies of dead children

Massage scalps

Braiding the hair

To cover head trauma.

And somehow

I know you

‘We know this place’

You (re)kindle a flame

Long burning

Graft words onto my tongue

Anoint my head

With the oil of

Words from your womb

My cup runs over

To speak volumes

Luminously lyrical

Mother/father/sister/brother tongues.


My dear sister

From the land of levees

Thank you

For being

For writing

For speaking

For singing


Exultant and thick

Heavy with harsh realities

Yet lightened by iridescent truth

Crafted with uncommon prowess

Spoken with unequivocal eloquence

Reverberating reverence

That rises

Then rests

In my soul.

© fabian thomas


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  1. This tells me so much about the person, and his/her spirit…

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