Paper Cut

flapping furiously upwards

the sheet of paper fluttered dangerously towards freedom

he grabbed it quickly

wound the source of animation shut

then sucked where the spiteful sheet had cut him

staring at the wound

steering with one hand

the road loomed up at him large and forbidding

the sun was mercenary

traffic like a knife slowly slicing skin

now slightly crumpled, the paper arrests his attention

silently screaming its contents

at the next stoplight he reads the words on the paper….again

then he folds it tightly neatly

sealing locking quieting the truth

and puts it in his shirt pocket

ten years had led to this journey

circuitous route to a place he could find with his eyes closed

a place where trials, laughter, good & bad times

had inextricably woven a friendship tapestry

from the threads of four distinct lives

precarious right turn taking him too close to his destination

he decelerates, presses the pedals

the corners of the folded note prick his flesh

pressing against him heavily

he drives past the gate again

turning right, then right again

then through the gate

his pocket sagging

into the house where two others wait

to share this weight

eyes bearing unspoken greetings

he unfolds the muted note

gives voice to its contents

the note falls free

landing beside the empty chair.

© fabian thomas


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