Mother Earth rumbled

In response

To the words

Heaped upon you

Epithets added

As if part of your name

‘poorest nation’

‘cursed by God’

‘voodoo capital’

‘satan worshippers’


She churned

Remembering the forgotten

Boukman and L’Ouverture

1st independent nation in Latin America

Bondage repugnant

Irritant to your spirit

Toxin rejected by your blood

You, punished with two Duvaliers

Tonton Macoute

100 years of reparations to France


She coughed

Choking on injustice

Aftermath of embargos and deforestation

Gasoline neckties stuck in her craw

She heaved

Shattering limbs

Took a deep breath

Inhaling buildings

Leveling the land

Belching off the bile


Mother Earth shifted

When she settled

The smell of death

Hung thick everywhere

Then hope rose resolute

Memories were jogged

The indefatigable Haitian spirit

Sprang up from amidst the rubble

And danced, shouting



11, 14, 17 days

Buried, yet alive

We will not go quietly into the night!

With amputated limbs

Broken hearts and homes

We will not give up!

Do you know who we are?

Egalite! 1st black republic in the world

Yele! We are Haiti!

We shall rise again!

© fabian thomas




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