ZERO (for World AIDS Day 2012)

When is zero valuable?

Numerically desirable?

When is zero a prize

On which to keep one’s eyes?

To be sought after, savoured

Fought for and favoured?


Zero, as in when there will be

No new cases of HIV

This journey will have begun

When we get back to One

Living in and as the One

We are inseparable from

Will help us remember

That our body-temple is a treasure

To be guarded with grace

Treated with reverence


Remembering who we are

Reducing our risk

Recalling whose we are

Claiming wellness

Embracing our Christ-self

Reclaiming wholeness

(Re)valuing self

Reducing risk

To zero


Being diagnosed as HIV-positive

Can become power to live


Guided divinely

Positive prevention

No re-infection

Acknowledging that ARV access

Does not guarantee adherence


To get to Zero

Positive and negative

Must become one

a community

Of love, support

Prayers & affirmations

Spoken as one

Hearts & hands lifted

In unison

Consciousness held as one

To overcome challenges

Across boundaries

Embracing diversity

Confronting discrimination

With policies that protect


We must stand

In our Oneness

Keep working

Towards zero

Because we are more

More than our sexual orientation

More than our HIV status

More than anti-retrovirals

More than risky behaviour

More than moments

Of passing pleasure

We are more

We are….enough

                                  © fabian thomas (25/11/11)


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