i turned 45 today…..

I turned 45 today. At midnight, I turned off my radio, sat on my bed and gave thanks to God for my life thus far, every aspect of it, in totality. I then gave thanks for what is to come. I affirmed my highest good and good for other, in fact, all others. I asked to be blessed and committed to be a blessing. I gave thanks for love and its power, for being able to feel it, give it and receive it and committed to be a source of it. I gave thanks for my talents and as they have manifested thus far and for their unfolding in the future. I claimed peace, joy, health, and prosperity for myself and those in my life, but also for others who I do not know. Then I read today’s message from my Daily Inspiration for Better Living. The topic was I Can Do All Things. I expressed gratitude again, then sat still, silent for a while…..a feeling of peace filled me. I realized I have all I need to make my birthday special. I smiled….I’m still smiling…

And so it is!


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