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Anybody who mouths the cliché that men are stronger sex simply has not been paying attention! Throughout my life I have been blessed, challenged and changed by the often numbing violence, aggression and attacks on their bodies and souls that women whose paths I have crossed have been subjected to, endured and survived. Case in …

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I watched Alex Haley’s ROOTS for the first time in February of 2009. 2 years later, I’m still caught up in the magnificence of this remarkable piece of work. What an audacious, wonderful, life-affirming gift!!! I have to say, I’m actually glad I didn’t see it when it aired in 1977, I would not have …

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artistic catharsis

last night (February 27, 2009) i choreographed an interpretive piece to be performed this sunday by one of my favourite people in the world. the process was pleasant, quick, satisfying, certain, uplifting, reassuring and healing. we both talked about the amazing power of artistic creation and performing, the almost mythical power and force of taking …

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